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The Big Names in Designer Clothing

Designer clothing is a huge industry, and there are undoubtedly some big players in this lucrative business. Their clothes can command a high price and are eagerly awaited by fashionistas at the start of each new season. This blog will allow readers to explore relevant topics and exciting news on all the top designers. These include Christian Louboutin, Paco Rabanne, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, and Tom Ford. There are fascinating articles on how designers have shaped the fashion industry and which celebrities endorse their clothing. All manner of designer clothing will be discussed, from jeans to suits to accessories.

How to Buy an Authentic Vintage Designer Handbag; the Guide

25 Jan 2024

Are you wondering why many people fall in love with vintage fashion? There is a good reason for this: possessing that special thing that nobody else has (or few people have) can be very exciting. In today's fashion-conscious world, vintage handbags offer a fantastic blend of sustainability, affordability, and trendiness - there is no doubt about that. Whether you're a newbie looking to explore vintage designer fashion or an avid vintage collector, you should know how to spot an authentic vintage handbag.

Evaluate the Source

With the popularity of vintage designer pieces on the increase, many opportunists out there claim to sell authentic items while doing the exact opposite. As such, it is easy to fall into their trap, and this is where Google becomes your friend. Research the company or online store you're buying from. While doing this, always remember that any attempt by the marketplace to hide vital information from the public is a red flag. One advantage of buying from a reputable source is that a lot of heavy lifting (brand research) has been done for you. All that is left is to select and pay for the item. My personal favorite is aretrotale.com.

Research the Brand

Thankfully, most brands have unique codes that allow buyers to verify the authenticity of their items. For instance, Hermes items feature their signature 'Piqûres Sellier' stitches, which are known to be manually sewn. You can easily tell their irregularities are not machine work. As for Gucci, the brand usually includes a serial number or date code on the handbag. This gives you the peace of mind that you're buying a genuine item.

How Tom Ford Saved Gucci

28 Mar 2022

The American designer Tom Ford actually began his career as an actor before realizing his future lay in fashion. He is credited with saving Gucci, which in the 90s was not a famous company. However, 10 years later, the Gucci brand was worth over $10 billion, thanks to Ford's intervention.

Who is Marc Jacobs?

15 Feb 2022

The American fashion designer Marc Jacobs is perhaps best-renowned for launching the "grunge" look in the 1990s. He then became the creative director for Louis Vuitton, introducing a best-selling accessories line. In subsequent years, he launched his own beauty brand, known for its iconic mascara.

Paco Rabanne: Not Just Fashion

12 Jan 2022

Renowned Spanish designer Paco Rabanne is known as much for his perfume range as for his stylish clothing. His foray into fragrance actually began in 1968, and in 1976, he built his own perfume factory in the heart of France. His most popular perfume is advertised by the model Hana Jirickova.

Christian Louboutin's Famous Red Shoes

6 Dec 2021

This French fashion designer is renowned for his fabulous stiletto shoes, with their trademark shiny red soles. Despite their expensive cost, they are worn by many fashionistas and celebrities, who delight in their feminine style. 30 different steps are involved in the production of each pair of shoes.